Jewelry Do's and Don'ts

As with all fine jewelry, it is important to be aware of some good practices that will help keep it sparkling and looking its best during everyday wear. We've put together this guide to help you properly care and clean your jewelry so that it keeps it's luster and shine for years to come!
  • Do's

1,Take your jewelry off when sleeping, exercising, or doing strenuous activities.
We know you want to show off your new piece of jewelry all the time but it is important to keep it safe. Wearing your jewelry during activities like sleep and exercising increases the chances of accidental damages. Please be mindful of your jewelry while applying consistent or heavy pressure to your hands, you don't want to damage the integrity of your precious jewelry!
2,Make sure to put your jewelry in a safe and memorable place!
Life moves fast and so do you! This is why you should be sure to keep your jewelry stored in a safe place. Keeping your jewelry in a velvet bag or in a jewelry box will keep your jewelry dry and away from any unwanted chemicals that can negatively affect your jewelry.
  • Don'ts

1,Don’t expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals or household cleaners.
You can get our jewelry wet but we recommend avoiding bleach, chlorine, hairspray and other harsh chemicals. These chemicals can have negative reactions to the metals and may damage your jewelry.
2,Don’t use jewelry cleaner.
Jewelry cleaners or silver cleaners can damage your jewelry. With our ladies jewelry, we plate them in Rhodium to give them extra protection and luster. Jewelry cleaners can have harsh chemicals that can wear off the Rhodium plating. Follow our cleaning instructions to keep your jewelry looking like new.
  • How to clean your jewelry?

1,Prepare a bottle of fresh water ,Non-chemical microfiber cloth, Soft-bristled toothbrush and Mild dish soap.

2,Mix water & dish soap,then soak your jewelry for 3-5 minutes.

3,Remove from water carefully, scard gentally with toothbruth.

4,Rinse with fresh water.

5,Polish with microfiber cloth.