August 9, 2022

Since this April, Mewaii, an up and rising plushy brand, has attracted over 600 Tiktok and Instagram influencers from various categories to share their experiences. Home Decor Tiktoker "mushroomparasol" shared her Mewaii plushy and gained 770k views. Fashion Tiktoker "style.fetish" shared her views on why girls should grow their own nails in a plushy vid with over 1.6M views. These are just the tip of the iceberg as the hashtag #mewaii has been discussed more than 4 million times on TikTok.
Mewaii has attracted Tiktok and Instagram influencers from various categories to share their experiences with the plush products
The plushies on social media have sparked passion amongst audiences, pushing them beyond simply liking and sharing as they have successfully urged a click and buy frenzy; but one is never enough, they are collectibles after all.
Since its launch at the beginning of 2022, Mewaii sales have doubled every month. On Amazon US, they were snapped up within an hour upon release, accumulating 30,000 pieces in sales that month. Mewaii Loooong Family series, released only a month later, is now ranked first on the NEW list, and Mewaii Fluffffy Family series is in the top 20 of the entire plushies list. This surprising result also gives Mewaii a reason to believe that they're going to reach out to a younger demographic and develop more plushy series that fit the global market.
In an era where social media is the new addiction, people are glued to their phones, laptops and ipads. The pandemic has swung content back to families and homes. It's obvious that quarantine has driven closer attention to the comfort of our living spaces, thus leading to the consumption of entertainment products and mental well being coming back into the spotlight once again. Under this context, trendy plushies entered the public eye: not only as fashionable accessories but also companions to relieve stress.
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